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With our NH2 Hydrolysis on Demand (HOD) business model, your micronutrients are always in its optimal freshest state. We guarantee that your micronutrients, once hydrolyzed, will be at your doorstep within 48 hours, maintaining the integrity of the vital nutrients. Every NH2 hydrolysis center serves a local 3 hours delivery distance population, and we do not do retail, wholesale or mail order.

Now serving: Hong Kong

Working on: Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Singapore

Only raw and fresh!

Direct from the Rainforest

We manage our own exclusive protein source farms and our hydrobase plantation. Wisdom gleaned from the farm has taught us the secret of staying healthy – eating fresh food in its most natural, raw state. As rainforest farmers, we are passionately dedicated to using only fresh and raw materials, as it was originally created by the earth’s water, air and soil.

Magnificent Micronutrients

NH2’s patent-pending hydrolysis methodology successfully transform over 80% of the protein from our pure protein source into vital amino acids. The results are quantified micronutrients and not the nebulous figures specified on most nutrition labels.

Our protein source contains over 50% pure protein in its raw form. After it is hydrolysed into amino acids, it becomes highly potent micronutrients that power your metabolism efficiently.

Organic Amino Acids

The NH2 protein source is lovingly hand-processed with pure water before hydrolysis, and once cleaned, it naturally dehydrates at room temperature. The hydrolysis process also uses pure water, which is how NH2 micronutrients stay organic from the farm to your doorstep! No chemicals or artificial ingredients are ever used at any point in the entire process, so the micronutrients retain their full therapeutic value.

In contrast, many amino acid supplements currently in the market involve chemically processed collagen derived from marine life, cows, pigs, bone and cartilage. NH2 effectively stands out as a pioneer in this market with proven results for its superior quality.

Our Promise of Authenticity

We are champions of honesty and transparency in all that we do. NH2 will always give you comprehensive information about how our micronutrients work. Instead of merely listing the protein contents, we tell you exactly which types of specific amino acids are functioning. Most data on nutrition labels don’t give you the entire story. Intelligent consumers today want real information, and we remain as steadfastly committed to pure intentions as to pure quality.

Breakthrough from Ancient Traditions

The NH2 breakthrough is simple, explaining traditional belief in contemporary scientific terms. Traditions are now supported and proven by advanced science. This plays an integral part in our methodology and process.

Our protein sources and hydrobase plants have been consumed by the human race for centuries, but it has not caught the attention of scientists and Nobel prize winners...yet. People nowadays tend to believe in complicated answers rather than in obvious and simple ones, and we enthusiastically aim to enlighten them sooner rather than later.

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