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No matter what your stage in life, optimal health should always be at the top of your priority list! Many people recognize that their everyday diets do not provide for all the nutritional needs of their bodies and are concerned with choosing the right supplements based on their individual lifestyle choices.

NH2 Wellness Collection uniquely provides a power-packed solution to support a variety of issues in the general population. Studies show that stress, obesity and reproductive health issues are on the rise among adults. Senior citizens are concerned about osteoarthritis, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and athletes worry about lingering injuries and optimizing performance. Even children of all ages can take NH2 to aid in optimal brain development and strengthen growing bones.

NH2 hydrolysis methodology* revolutionizes human metabolism by breaking down pure protein into natural predigested amino acids. Glowing skin, increased energy levels and improved immune system are only a few of the reported benefits from our satisfied and growing list of members. Reach a stronger state of health today!

For centuries, the Chinese have used pure protein in the traditional form of solidified nest of aerodramus fuciphagus (edible bird-nest) to improve longevity, metabolism and overall wellness. Now, with a new pioneering hydrolysis method, a pure and concentrated version of the micronutrients has been created, exclusively delivered in NH2 Wellness Collection.

* Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission Patent Application Grant grantee. Patents pending thoughout 148 countries under international Patent Cooperation Treaty.

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