Micronutrients more than collagen...

With its proven premium nutrients, NH2 Wellness Collection promotes energy, strengthens immunity and is a first line of defense against the effects of aging. Improved blood circulation and the stimulation of collagen formation to improve overall skin texture and tone can help you both look and feel better every day.

Easy and effortless, NH2 can be taken anytime, anywhere by people of all ages. Glowing skin, increased stamina and improved immune system are only a few of the reported benefits from our satisfied and growing list of members. Confidently reach a stronger state of health today!

Our premium protein source is harvested organically and cultivated sustainably in its native habitat to ensure peak potency, and no preservatives or artificial ingredients are added. This vital life energy in the form of a pool of eighteen standard amino acids is conveniently derived into an absolute fat-free, 100% natural micronutrients supplement for your body’s immunity and wellbeing.

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